Things to Know Before Going to a Music Festival

Regardless of your level of music fandom, there are a few things you need to know before heading out to a music festival. Besides making sure you have an ample supply of water and sunscreen, you’ll also need to bring money. And you’ll need a good way to transport it all, too. Read on for some tips. We’ve put together a list of essentials you’ll want to pack.

Prepare yourself

If you’re a music festival newbie, there are some things you should do to prepare yourself for the day. First and foremost, make sure to pack enough water. You’ll spend all day standing outside and moving around, so drinking plenty of water is a must. A healthy breakfast will provide you with energy for the day and keep you satiated throughout the event. Secondly, make sure to bring some snacks.

If you plan to attend more than one festival, it’s important to know who will be performing on any given day. It will be more enjoyable if you know the music from the artist catalog beforehand. However, even if you know a particular artist’s music well, you may still miss a few of their songs. You might be tempted to stick to your favorite artists, but you might be disappointed if they’re not playing on the day you visit.

Be aware of the reception on your cell phone. It’s not always reliable at music festivals, so you should carry a waterproof phone case or invest in a personal solar charger for your cell phone. You may also want to invest in a waterproof fanny pack, belt bag, or other convenient storage for these essential items. Depending on the size of the music festival, you may also want to bring a blanket or a towel.

A music festival can also be a bit stressful for those who haven’t attended one before. A few tips for first-timers will help you avoid the pitfalls of the festival experience. Don’t forget your eye mask, ear plugs, and sleeping accommodations, as these items can help you get some rest and rejuvenation. You might even make new friends! So make sure you prepare yourself before you go to a music festival and get the best out of the experience!

Bring water

While you may think that bringing water to a music festival is unnecessary, it is important that you do. Most music festivals take place outdoors and are often very hot and dry. If you plan to attend a festival, you should bring water for yourself, as well as bottles for your children. It can be difficult to calculate how much water one needs during a festival, but on average, each festival-goer consumes around 14 litres of water. Additionally, you should consider how many sources of water will be available. Often, festival-goers don’t even realize that grey water is used for washing and cleaning.

Thankfully, most festivals have water fountains that you can use to refill your bottle. It’s best to fill up your hydration pack as early as possible, and visit during regular breaks, so you can refill your bottle quickly. Remember to also drink plenty of water as alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the body. Drinking water will help you enjoy your festival without feeling thirsty. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to enjoying your music festival to the fullest.

If you plan on camping, make sure you bring some sort of camping blanket. You’ll probably be standing for long periods of time, so make sure to bring a blanket. The festival’s fenced-in areas can be quite hot. If you’re stuck on the ground, you’ll be huddled together, so you’ll need some place to lie down. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you!

While most music festivals do have water stations, there’s no reason not to bring your own. Drinking plenty of water during a music festival can reduce the number of people getting sick. One study showed that 75% of medical tent visits during music festivals were preventable. A lack of hydration can have detrimental effects on your mood and health and can keep you from having fun. You’ll want to stay hydrated throughout the entire event to avoid feeling miserable or getting sick.

Bring sunscreen

Music festivals are a mystical universe, and they can make you forget about the outside world, deadlines, and adult obligations. But there is one downside to escaping reality at these events: excessive sun exposure. Coachella and other music festivals can turn into a literal sun-burning disaster if you don’t wear sunscreen. Make sure you pack some sunblock and bring antibacterial wipes with you! This will save you time at the music festival and also protect your skin from rashes and other skin problems.

In addition to sunscreen, remember to pack plenty of water. When the temperatures reach triple digits, you’ll need to drink plenty of water. Bring along a 40-ounce plastic bottle to refill at one of the water stations. You’ll want to reapply sunscreen often. Even if you don’t get much sun during the day, sunscreen is necessary. Remember that it’s not a good idea to bring a bottle of liquid sunscreen, as the vendors are usually overpriced.

A portable spray sunscreen is a great alternative to messy lotion. It’s easy to apply and won’t mess up your bag, and it’s made with organic ingredients. Try COOLA, a nourishing organic sunscreen with SPF 50. It’s fragrance-free, water and sweat resistant and is suitable for use in the outdoors. It will help you stay clean and hydrated during the festival and avoid getting sunburned.

A portable charger is another great idea for any festival. Bring your mobile phone and portable charger. This way, you can take pictures or even use your phone to call an Uber. Sunscreen and sunglasses are important for a good festival experience. Don’t forget to pack some sunglasses for a better view of the artists. While sunscreen is essential, you should also wear comfortable shoes and sneakers for the day. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a portable charger and some sunglasses!

Bring money

When going to a music festival, it’s always smart to bring a little bit more cash than you think you’ll need. The reason is simple: the prices of festival merchandise can be expensive! But don’t worry – you can usually find cheaper souvenirs online later! Also, bring cash to avoid spending it all at once. If you don’t have enough money to buy festival souvenirs, invest in a fanny pack or money belt so you can keep track of your money all day.

Credit card rewards can also be helpful. If you have a card for the festival, you may qualify for cash back on ticket purchases or access to cheaper presale tickets. Some credit cards even allow you to get free add-ons like food and lounge access. Travel-specific credit cards can also help you save money. Some credit cards offer car rental rewards or payment plans to make it easier to get to the festival. However, there are ways to save money and still have a great time.

You can also ask music organizations to sponsor your music festival. Many organizations fund large events and unique cases. They often want to put on concerts, and may be interested in partnering with you. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and money by talking to the right people. You will probably be surprised how much you can save by doing this! And you’ll save time in the process! This way, you’ll be sure to find a sponsor who’ll support your music festival.

Make sure to purchase items that people don’t have to carry themselves. People don’t like to spend time carrying heavy items around, so choose lightweight, durable items. Try to find festival vendors that offer items in different price ranges. If you’re selling larger items, consider offering a buy now, pick up later service. Signage should clearly communicate this. Moreover, you can offer to deliver items for a fee.

Avoid doing illegal things at a music festival

There are many ways to avoid doing illegal things at a music festival. First, don’t give into police – they will stop you at a music festival and question you, so always refrain from doing so. Undercover police officers will also be on hand. Don’t yell “doses!” or try to sell drugs to them – you’ll get caught and go to jail. Another good way to avoid getting into trouble is to avoid chatting up strangers. Remember, nothing you say in a conversation will help you in court.

The same is true for drugs. Many people turn to drugs at music festivals – prescription medications and synthetic cannabis are the most common drugs to be found. However, there are more risks than benefits. Listed below are some things to avoid doing at a music festival. If you do decide to attend a music festival, make sure to stay away from those who are already under the influence of drugs. If you do, you could risk losing your ticket to the next one.

Purchasing drugs inside the festival can be a risky business. Many people claim to have ingested 800 mg of MDMA in one night of the festival, but it’s worth noting that this person was under the influence of drugs. Drug checkers have detected drugs that are adulterated and contaminated. These can be deadly. It’s also important to stay alert for drug paraphernalia, which is a form of MDMA.

While it’s not easy to keep yourself safe while at a music festival, it’s possible to have a great time without intoxicating substances or illegal activities. Drugs and alcohol use can be dangerous in the festival environment and pose a number of other risks. For example, drug use can result in a serious injury or death to festival-goers. For this reason, drug use is always risky.

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